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Vital Records and Military Discharges

Military Discharge Records

WV Code §7-1-311

Upon presentation to the County Clerk an Original authenticated copy of either the Discharge Certificate or the Report of Separation from active duty, (Department of Defense Document DD-214) will maintain of record a copy of the discharge certificate or Report.

The County Clerk will maintain the record of discharge certificate or report, or both, in the Clerk’s Office in a secure manner, rendering the records unavailable to the public.

People qualified to receive copies of such records are listed below in general description below:

  1. The person of the record:
  2. The duly qualified conservator or guardian of the person record.
  3. The duly qualified executor or administrator of the estate of the person of record, or in the event no executor or administrator has qualified the next of kin of deceased person
  4. An Attorney, attorney-in fact, or other agency or representative of any of the persons.
  5. A duly authorized representative of an agency or instrumentality of federal, state, or local government seeking the record in the ordinary course of performing its official duties.
  6. Person where time is of the essence requiring records for funeral arrangements or medical care.
  7. ID will be required along with notarized statement of relationship to veteran.

One of the forms attached are required to be completed.


Vital Records Application